Adding required quarterly surveys to a series

We have a series that is desperately requesting to move from an always required survey (before claiming credit) to a required quarterly survey instead.

We are considering the logistics of this as in the past when we had optional surveys for every session we’d receive less than a handful of completions and had similar results with a paper “required” quarterly survey (attendees would just skip out on claiming credits for that session so as to not complete the form :sweat:)

Is there a way to reference a webform within a series, limit responses to 1 per user, and have it so if the form has been previously completed by the learner they are then able to proceed to the next part of the course? If this is possible, then we could create one survey per quarter and reference the webform it within all of the sessions taking place for that quarter, this way the learner is only requested to complete it once but can’t skip attending the sessions for an entire quarter to forgoe completing the form.

Other than this does anyone have any suggestions?


We have a survey that users need to take before registering for a certain type of course.

Our solution was to create a course filled with just a webform. I then made the survey course a prerequisite for the related courses. This ensures our users take the survey before they begin their courses, and they only have to take it once.

Hope this was helpful!


This would be useful except we’re looking for something explicitly for RSS Series as this is a recurring weekly session and we use the “repeat” function to create future sessions of this series. I don’t think it would be feasible to manually clone each course repetition for this.

I know it has been asked in other questions, but it would be nice to have a prerequisite function added to series, specially one that can select courses, other series, or web-forms as a prerequisite

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