SCORM Package with multiple sessions

I have 4 SCORM packages that are required objects prior to attending a live webinar. This is a requirement for all new hires so we have many, many sessions available for the webinar.

The sessions have been set up with the SCORM courses uploaded and checked as required. The problem I am running into is that people are taking the courses, but then decide to attended the webinar on another date and it is requiring them to take the course again.

How can I create this so that the courses are marked as complete no matter what session they take the webinar in?

Could you set this up as a course relationship that contains the SCORM packages as one child course, and the sessions as a different child course? Then, on the parent, require at least 2 of the child courses for completion.

Hi Ezra, Can regularly scheduled sessions be set up that way?

No, you will need to use courses to take advantage of this approach.

Another suggestion (also using courses) would be to set up the SCORM courses as prerequisites for enrolling in the live webinar.

I need to leave this as an RSS. Is there a way to connect an enduring course as a prerequisite for sessions?

No, prerequisites are only available on courses.

If you have to use prerequisites for this, then you will need to uses courses.