Pre-requisite course option enabled for RSS courses

We need to set an online course as a pre-requisites to register for a live RSS activity.

Is this on the product road map for an upcoming release?

It would be a huge help!

We don’t have any plans to add pre-reqs to RSS Sessions, however you can use a Course for this. In general we try to keep the Session features as basic as possible in order to reduce complexity for coordinators.

Can you explain the requirement in more detail so we can understand the use case?

We need to make online course (set up as parent/child) required before a learner is able to sign up for the LIVE RSS activity.

We are setting up as an RSS because its one activity with multiple dates and the RSS session set up ensures we report properly on PARS.

Depending on the number of participants/sessions, a workaround would be to manage this using the “Manual step” course object. It prevents users from moving past the object until you manually mark them as complete.

Another alternative would be to put the attendance codes in the prerequisite course so that only users who completed it would be able to get the codes.

Ezra, where do I place the attendance code? Can you let me know the steps? Let me know if you would like for me to create a JIRA ticket.


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