Allow Administrator Member to maintain Learning Group Main Pages

Hello - I was under the impression that an “administrator member” of a group would be able to make changes to the Home page, including adding text, new buckets, updating Discussions and News, etc. Without this, we would have to make our “administrato members” contact us for all edits and changes. I propose that the admin member role in a group have the ability to add/change that group’s content, and have access to the “customize this page” button. As it is currently, this just puts a larger burden on us, bottlenecks the change process, and undermines the concept that these pages should be dynamic.

We have been utilizing learning groups and we would love to have the admin be able to customize the learning page as Julie described. We do not have the manpower to keep making the adjustments on a regular basis that they require. This would be a great feature and a huge benefit to us.