New Admin Role in Ethos

We have employees internally who do not fit specifically the site admin role where they have access to everything, but also don’t fit just the course admin role or the reviewer role because they need to be able to do more than what those roles permit yet we don’t want them to be able to do absolutely everything. We propose a new role that allows our employees to do pretty much everything a site admin can do (edit an order, create an order, run reports, edit enrollments, manage users, edit users, and manage content ONLY to look up old courses but we do not want them to be able to edit a course or an outline. Would be very helpful for us!

This would be amazing! We have a similar situation where we’d like to allow some of our colleagues to build out evaluations for their local live events and then really only have access to that vs ability to edit the entire site. Or, just to be able to see the member verification portions of our site/peoples profiles but not necessarily to edit courses. Would be very helpful!

It would be great to hear more about how you would use this role. Would this be for someone like a customer service rep?

Sure! We could actually use the addition of a few different roles (what would be really nice would be if we as site admin had the control over what permissions the user can access and could build roles ourselves) but yes - we do need this role for sort of a customer service rep type job. They are our risk education administrators and answer all calls, process refunds, transfers, and any other thing that needs to be changed within an order, assist learners with issues within the course, enroll learners, unenroll learners, etc.

I agree. It would be useful to have either additional roles or the ability to assign attributes to a role. The ability to limit who can edit credit granted would be helpful.

Agreed. We also have a lot of different types of users, and it would be great to have more control over the types of things they could do in the system.

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This feature was added in EthosCE 7.15. Look for the “Support” role in your role assignments when editing a user.

A list of roles is available in the online documentation.