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Hey all - we have a number of learning groups (we call communities). We are having a problem with the fact that the home page can only be edited by a site admin, as opposed to a person who is designated as an “administrator member” in the group. I won’t just hand over site admin role to anyone who needs to add things to the home pages. But I also don’t have the capacity to update groups’ news, polls, discussions, etc.

Is anyone opposed to allowing the learning group home page to be edited by group administrator members, or at least by a role (course admin?) other than site admin?

Our use has pretty much come to almost a standstill because of this.


Our Learning Groups are also only updated by Site Admins.

Just curious, why has your use come to a standstill? We have almost 40 pages (we use them for specialties). We keep these pretty much off the shelf, with a little bit of manual additions. What are you using yours for? And could you potentially use another object instead for Course Admins to use?

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We are using these for learner engagement. For example, we have a learning community about pediatric obesity. On the home page, we have a welcome video and other links (don’t change), Courses (change automatically), and polls, news, and discussions (ideally these would change a lot). There are still issues with using it for engagement and a lot lacking, but this is the part we can’t sustain at the site admin level - I don’t have time to add new polls, news items, and discussions. We would love for the administrator members of the group to be able to do this. Especially if down the road the learning group concept may become something more robust and dynamic for our learners.

I haven’t looked into it, but is there a way to set a Learning Group Admin (like a series admin for RSS’s)? That would be a curious ask from DLC.


There already is the “administrator member” designation. I would think we could have the privs added to that. From what I understand that person can only manage member-related aspects of the group. Would you have any issue with giving a group admin member front page privs as well? You are in control of who is given this role in a group.

We will be needing that function as well. We are building a learning group that “should” be managed by the group admin, not so much by our office.

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