Certificate of Completion for a Course Relationship/Curriculum

We are launching a new Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Core Curriculum, consisting of 12 courses. We want users to be able to register for these courses as a series (Parent level registration) or sign up for a few that interest them. We also want to grant a Certificate of Completion (non-CME) for anyone who completes all 12 courses in any order, in addition to individual course-level CME certificates.

Two questions are on our mind:

  1. Confluence documentation states… "Course relationships:
  • Allow for a single certificate to be awarded after completing the specified required child activities.
    *Or, allow each child activity to have its own certificate."

Can we do both?? The other option we can think of is to create a 13th course with 12 prerequisites, and only have a Certificate object for that 13th course so users complete it automatically after completing the 12-part curriculum. This may be confusing since it will still have the same course layout and language in the UI, but it’s our best duct tape and Elmers solution.

  1. If we are able to accomplish the above, in the unlikely scenario a user chooses to register for all 12 courses at the child level, would the parent level certificate still appear? Guessing no, but want to confirm.

Anyone else offering COCs or Digital Badges in Ethos, I’d love to hear how you do it!

HI Nick,

We’ve updated the documentation on our end- you are able to set a certificate at the Parent AND Child levels within the same set.

As long as the user meets the requirements for completion, they would be able to download the Parent certificate on the Parent landing page.

Thank you!

That was easy! Thank you!

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