Multiple Certificates for a Single Course

Hello, has anyone build a course that has 4 different certificates attached that the learner can select from? We currently offering a CME and participant certificate. We’d like to add a couple of other certificates from other organizations we are collaborating with on this single course.

Thank you!


CME, NCPD, EMS, General.

Add the new certificates – via Manage/Structure/Certificates

Set the CERTS to be active and ADD under the Course Settings/Certificate feature of your event.

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Shaun Ayon

Children’s Hospital Colorado


Shaun, thanks so much for pointing me to where I can add the additional certificates. Much appreciated!

But I have only been able to attach one certificate to each credit type. . . so, maybe you could have multiple attendance credits and allow for them to choose which one they want to claim . … . ?

Mayo Clinic

Hi Susan, thank you for replying and recommending to create multiple attendance credits to allow the learner to choose which they want to claim and get the certificate they need. Have a great day and thanks again for your help!

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