Close Attendance time for SMS

We just used SMS for a large conference and have decided to offer it for some of our regular activities. For those that have been using SMS for attendance tracking, what have you found to be best practice regarding how long before closing the attendance?

We have a school policy of 72 hours after the course start date. Also note, we tell learners they have 48 hours to text in. .

Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic

Hi Kim -

We are probably on the extreme lenient end of things, but for live conference type activities, we leave the attendance code open as long as we keep credit claim open, which is, as a standard practice, 45 days after the event end. We found if we allow for credit claim for 45 days but close attendance earlier, we just end up doing a lot of manual marking of attendance.

We’ve been using SMS for some time and for us it depends on the time of the activity. Morning activities are usually 8-9 hours (till the end of the workday, approx. 4pm). For afternoon activities the time is set till the end of the next workday.