Deleting applications

Is there a way to delete/cancel activity applications? We have a user that was a little confused by the system and made multiple clones of an activity application before submitting a new one.

The course application content type is a complex one. As you know each submission has the potential to one day be converted into a real course. For this reason, we do not allow it to be deleted because the system relies on having that “paper trail” retained. You are able to archive unwanted applications.

We have an internal ticket where we are evaluating the ability for EthosCE staff to have the ability to delete submissions like the ones you describe. If the feasibility ticket goes well, it may be something that you’ll be able to submit a ticket in a future release of EthosCE.

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Sounds good!

We don’t think we will have any other users submitting applications by accident, and we can certainly reuse the ones this current user submitted, but it would definitely be nice to have the option to at least request via ticket if needed. Thanks!

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