EthosCE 7.36 Released

7.36 Release Notes

Sites will be updated per the release schedule. For a full list of changes, please review the changelog.

Allow activity application form submission to be cloned and resubmitted
EthosCE now supports the ability for users to clone and re-submit their activity applications. When a user visits their previously submitted application, there is now an option to ‘clone’ the application and re-submit with new or updated information. The application then follows the same workflows and notifications as a new application.

Usability improvements to course outline
Version 7.36 includes various improvements to the course-outline editing user experience. Improvements include:

  • The user will be automatically redirected to the course object settings page after a new course object has been added to the outline.
  • The course object picker menu and save buttons have been moved to the top of the course outline.
  • When 5 or more course objects exist in the outline, an additional save button is shown at the bottom of the screen.

Child Credit Improvements
This release includes two major improvements to the child crediting system in EthosCE. The first improvement extends support for credit eligibility mapping to child credits. Previously, credit eligibility was only checked on parent level credits and did not support eligibility checks on a child credit. The second improvement adds support for child credits to the designated fallback credit type. Both improvements aim to provide a more flexible experience for child credit configuration and claiming.

Code-based Attendance object enhancement
As many CE departments are exploring ways to convert live in-person learning events into live virtual events, EthosCE continues to develop options to support virtual learning logistics.

To help better support collecting attendance with embedded virtual meeting and webinar software such as Teams, Skype, On24 and others, the Attendance course object now accepts attendance codes on the object itself.

Course administrators can set a 6-character code on the course’s attendance settings tab. Users are then able to input the attendance code after then meeting when viewing the attendance object. This extends EthosCE’s existing SMS (texting) attendance code functionality, but also can be used in EthosCE sites without SMS enabled.

EthosCE customers with the SMS module must open a support ticket asking for the code-based attendance object enhancement to be enabled.

7.36 Release Webinar
Please join us for a 7.36 Release Webinar on September 15th, 2pm EST! We will be exploring new features from the current release and our future 7.36 release.

Bug fixes and other improvements
EthosCE 7.36 also includes various other improvements, bug and security fixes.

For a full list of changes, please review the changelog.

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