Having learning objectives pull into surveys and evaluations

Would be great feature is the learning objectives of an activity can be a “token” that can be added to the evaluation/ surveys … so that the designated learning objectives added to an activity can show up in the evaluation/ survey webform for the learner to refer to as they are answering the survey questions


Yes, I agree. Showing the learning objectives in the course eval is a requirement of most approval agencies.

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We would love this as well. A number of course fields would be helpful to pull into a webform that is part of a course. (Even more powerful - be able to add a token but with course node ID added to the token so it could be pulled into a webform that lives outside a course.)

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To clarify - we have started creating (some) RSS evaluations outside of the course because of the pushback regarding having to log in (usually from their phone) to complete the evaluation after they have texted in. Each series has its own evaluation instance, but we cannot put the learning objectives in this evaluation without changing it each week. Adding a token with course node would fix this.

There are two types of text input fields in EthosCE, one accepts plain text and the other includes the formatting tools for bold, italics, adding images, super/subscript. What are the requirements for entering learning objectives?

I would think only plain text would be needed - as long as the objectives could be added one per line. Bullets/numbers would be nice as well though…