Combining Webforms

Is there any way to take webforms being used intermittently as information-gathering tools within an activity and combine the results in the end so the learner has one resource to reference? Example - A customer has an online activity that first teaches a section of content, and then asks the learner to fill out a section of their “plan” relative to that content. In the end, the learner needs to access their completed plan - all sections available for them in one place. Thoughts?

I wonder if there would be a way to create a custom “certificate” that would pull information from each webform…You’d have to use form fields that already have tokens associated with them…I don’t know how possible that is, but it might be worth getting on your test site to try it out.

You could automatically send it to them via email, but other than that, I can’t think of way to get it back to them at the end of the activity.

Could this be done with an Articulate Presenter Powerpoint presentation with text boxes for the person to fill in? Articulate remembers the user and will retain the data they typed in interactive text boxes. The user could be sent to the same presentation after each learning activity and be asked to fill in Plan Step 2, Plan Step 3, etc.

I would be interested in knowing if/how this works–we now use Articulate, and I’d like to pass along any information about this to our e-learning program manager.

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