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I have added a you tube video to one of my grand rounds sessions. How do I set it so that when they have completed watching the video it brings them back to the evaluation?


Have you tried embedding the video right in the session? If you do that the leaner won’t have to leave EthosCE.

Here is a link to the documentation on embedding third-party videos in EthosCE.

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We do this all the time, though we have a secure server (not YouTube) that we bring the video into. One caution with having a YouTube video is that sometimes it will “suggest” other videos to watch after it is done. Sometimes, those “suggestions” are not necessarily appropriate and/or refer the person away from your site.

Good luck and have a safe/healthy day!
Susan Benysh
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I thought I did embed it. I will go through the instructions again carefully.


Hi Susan, Yes. I noticed that about you tube! I will have to address the issue of secure server with our AV/IT people.

I guess I did not embed it the first time around!

I enbedded the youtube video in a course object in the course outline. It shows up under the Course Progress box where they have to then click on the title to open the video. Can it be embeded under where it says Course Home and open up automatically?

Yes, you can embed it under Course Home.

To do this, use the “Course Instructions” field inside the “Course Format & Instructions” tab.

I am receiving requests to add live webinars to Ethos for credit. Can you tell me how to do this?

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This seems fairly easy but can you tell me if You Tube video is the only platform that can be used or are there any others.

Thank you!



Hi Marion!

I just sent you an email so we can schedule a time to chat. There are a few different options for setting up live webinars in EthosCE and I would like to make sure we can help provide the best solution for your team.

You should be able to embed from almost any video provider.

As you saw in the linked documentation, Oembed makes it simple and will work with YouTube, Vimeo, and Viddler. We can add Oembed support for other providers, including private video hosting options, if they support it as well.

Otherwise you can just embed the player (second option in the linked documentation).

You may also want to investigate our Warpwire Secure Video option as well.

Thank you to everyone who responded. It was very helpful!

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