Is there a way to stop a webform from being submitted if the user does not select a specific option?

Essentially, is it possible to validate a form submission based on a specific option selected from a “select options” component?

I am creating a form where I ask users to confirm that a certain profile field is correct. While a response is required from the “Is the information above correct” field, I would prefer it if the user was forbidden from advancing if they chose the option “No, the information above is not correct”

You probably have to use a required checkbox for this, “I agree the above information is correct.” If they don’t check it they won’t be able to proceed.

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I agree with Ezra - then I would have a link to their profile on the page (a generic one that would take them to their own profile to fix the components). Our generic is https://YourSiteHere/my/edit/profile. This gives them all the information so they don’t have to hunt/peck for it.

Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic

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