Issues adding video to course (failing two ways)

I am trying to add video to a course I’ve created. The two ways I am trying are: (1) as a Warpwire object to the course outline, and (2) embedding (uploading) into a course page. Below are the screenshots of the errors received. I thought it was originally due to video size, but I receive the same errors when trying to add smaller videos (~80MB). I appreciate any feedback. Also, is there a filesize on Warpwire? I saw that embedding in a page is limited to 1GB, but found no documentation on Warpwire objects. Thank you.

(1) Adding as a Warpwire object to the outline. I also tried adding to my library first, but I receive the same error. The screen spins for quite some time (10 min), and then I see this:

(2) Creating a course page and uploading the video into the page’s body

Hello, Can you please have a Designated Support Officer open a JIRA ticket so the support team can review further and route to the development team if needed?