Playing activity videos on Apple products

We recently moved our online activities with video from using the iframe to uploading the mp4 into our lms. Does anyone else use this method and had any known problems with apple users using safari?

I am not an apple user but I have a hunch that there is something in Safaris settings and would appreciate any guidance from anyone more in the know. Currently I am directing them to use Chrome, but would sure appreciate knowing what to tell my docs.

Thanks - Heather

Hi Heather–

I would be interested to see how this works, space-wise. We manage all our videos on Vimeo Pro because we like to have control of our video library. Does EthosCE have a way of archiving, replacing or deleting old media? I don’t see that capability with images. (Just migrated to 7.+, so I’m still learning!)


Hi all,

We offer the Warpwire add-on for secure video hosting and streaming. It is not recommended to stream videos directly from the LMS platform. If Warpwire isn’t appropriate for your needs or budget, there are a number of other affordable and robust video hosting options available.

If you are hosting videos on your LMS, be aware that viewer may not be able to view the entire if the videos are inside a private course object. It must be set to public to stream properly.

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