Working With Warpwire and none of the videos have sound

We uploaded a set of videos to Warpwire for a virtual course. All of the video files have audio. They are all in mp4 format. However, when playing them from the platform, none of the files have audio.

Does anyone here have experience with the Warpwire platform, or their support team and could guide me on how to get help for this issue? I am currently troubleshooting and will try uploading the videos again, but we want to know what may have caused the issue in the first place and how to avoid it. Also is there any other way to contact their support team other than their contact form?

UPDATE: I received a reply from their support team, it looks like it was an issue on their end and it’s been resolved!

Hi Gabriela,

Some thoughts on checking what you can check. You may have tried these.

Take one of your videos and check that it plays on your computer with audio (before uploading to Warpwire). If yes

Upload to Warpwire

Through Ethos/Warpwire does it play with audio? If no, check all the audio icons to make sure something isn’t muted for some reason.


Hi Chuck,

I just re-uploaded one of the videos. On my computer, the video plays fine, with audio. On warpwire it does not.

On Ethos, the file also plays with no sound, although we have checked all of the audio settings.

Older warpwire files play with audio, although those were not uploaded to the account as we have our Zoom account integrated and we have the zoom video files. The last video uploaded to the account, in February, plays with sound.

Hi Gabriela,

Follow up with Ethos support as they should be able to do the first level of troubleshooting and escalate it.


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