Other uses for Warpwire videos (outside the course object function)

At the request of Scott from EthosCE, I’m adding this post to get some feedback about using Warpwire outside the course object function it is currently linked to:

My question on October 2:

Is there any development in the works for using Warpwire outside the course object function? I’d love to be able to add Warpwire videos to books, for example, which would really fix me up for courses…where there are so many individual videos that we need to keep separate due to length and/or topic.

Our recent food allergy course has 19 videos that we’re using for an online iteration of the live course. If I put them in the course outline as Warpwire videos, the Course Navigation (shows the course outline to the end user) has 19 videos listed. That’s quite a long list, and quite a bit of scrolling. I had asked if DLC had any suggestions for breaking this up, but unfortunately my only other option is to set up a parent-child situation that we don’t want for this course. We’ve done it for other courses, but we don’t want that for this one.

As a workaround, I’d like to set up a Book course object, and set the pages up with each of the four topic areas covered in the course, with the pertinent videos embedded on each topic’s page.

This is in testing right now, but Scott wanted me to post this in the hopes that you all might have other ways you would use Warpwire for videos in your courses, outside the usual course object function. Throw your ideas out there, kids. He really does want to explore expanding the use of Warpwire, so now’s our chance!

Thanks for weighing in.

I’d definitely like to see this feature added. We have one course that includes a video case study of a patient with reflective questions after 2-3 minute segments. Now, there are 6 different Warpwire videos with 5 webforms with questions between them. It would be great to include multiple Warpwire videos within a single webform.

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We use Vimeo to host our videos. If you use something like that you could setup a playlist but users might not know to do them all

Hi all,

Warpwire media items can be embedded in any WYSIWYG editor. Look for the little blue “W” icon. This would include books, webforms, quizzes and other content types containing the rich text editor.

For a webform, use the markup component type to embed the Warpwire media. You may add multiple components to house multiple media items or put more than one in the same component.

Note that for the WYSIWYG embed option, although the users’ viewing will still be tracked, It cannot be used for setting a requirement for course completion.

Coming soon: Warpwire has enabled the ability to embed a library, rather than just an individual media asset. This would allow you to show multiple media, in the library view, at the same time. This is not on our sites yet, but will be coming soon.

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When did this happen?? I’ve been asking about this for 2 years!!

There is NOT a little blue W icon in my book page WYSIWYG editor.

Hi Gail,

After researching, I see that you have some customizations added to your WYSIWYG editor. Your editor will need an update to acquire this functionality. Please open up a support ticket and we will be happy to help!

Will do, but in the meantime, do you know why do I have customizations to my WYSIWYG editor??

Glad this is all fixed. I’ve been adding code to our course standards document for people to cut-and-paste for color, add special containers, etc. I believe this was a fair trade to get the Warpwire as an embed in an open field. Cheers!

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