Joint Accreditation

We are in the process of applying for JA, and have been in Ethos for about 18 months. Is anyone in both systems willing to chat with us for 30 or so minutes to figure out the pitfalls!?



Hi Alison,

We would be happy to talk with you. We received JA in December 2021 and have been using Ethos since 2019.


We’ve been on Ethos for 10 years and received JA in July 2022. Would be happy to connect on the OPs question as well as to share ideas among any other JA providers.

If a JA group is formed, would love to be a part! Or happy to create one. We received JA in December and are working through growing pains as well!

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I would love to be included in this group as well. We are applying for JA soon, hoping to be in the October cohort. Would love to learn from you all.

We have had JA since 2016 and were just reaccredited with commendation - if we create a JA group, yes yes yes would love to be a part of it!

Hi, could you include me as well. We have not used EthosCE for reporting but are looking into it so would be good to hear the conversation. Thank you.

I would be interested as well in a JA group. Kim

I would be interested in joining this group, too. Thanks!

I would be interested in joining this group as well.

I’d absolutely be interested as well!

I would be very interested in joining this group as well!

If a JA group is formed, I would also love to join as well. -Jessica

I would also be interested in joining!!

Thank you


I would be interested in a JA group as well.



There seems to be a lot of interest in this. I suspect both from an Ethos and figuring out JA point of view! (at least for us anyway) I am happy to put something together. I know we already have a few monthly meetings regarding Ethos. Not sure if that is what folks would appreciate. I’m going to send a quick survey with some questions to get us started and tracking some info perhaps not on this platform. I’ll post the link to the survey here by end of day.


Thank you so much for taking this on! I appreciate it

Apologies! The day got away from me… Please fill out this short survey to help me find a day/time of the week that would work best for the most people. Please let me know if there are problems accessing the survey. Thank you!

I have had some responses - thank you! I will close the survey down next Wednesday, April 19th to give everyone a chance to respond. thank you!

I would be interested in a JA group as well - Julie