Learner/User group manager role



We have been in conversation with DLC about delegate functionality. With delegate this allows the learner to decide and manage who has access to their account vs. someone within the CME office managing those changes for them.

Below are some requirements that we have been discussing and sounds a lot like what you are asking for.


We would be very interested in this as well.



We would love for the User Admin to have this functionality


This would be fabulous for us too!


Our practice managers and select joint providers would find this very valuable. It would also take a lot of burden off the limited staff resources within my office. For example, our state requires 2 hours of Opioid CME. My Administrative Assistant in my office spent at least 20 hours over the course of a few weeks running customized completion reports for specific clinical departments, centers and clinics. If we had a User Admin role, those areas could have easily accessed that information in real time.


We will be seriously considering the features requested here, but you may be able to automate these reports using EthosCE Analytics.


I get that and I do have the webinar on my calendar. However the group dashboard for example, our groups do not coincide with our practices. The groups are much more general. So one doctor could be in multiple groups, but only one practice manager would be assigned that particular physician.

So for example, our test physician Dr. Angie O’Plasty is the the Cardiology group, the Medicine group and Emergency Medicine group. But since since is housed in out Division of Cardiology, that Cardiology practice manager would be her User Admin. Also not all users would have a User Admin though any user in a Group would be part of the Group Admin report. Does that make sense?


Yes that makes sense (I think!)

If there is a “practice,” “department,” or “clinic,” field on the user profile, for example, you would be able to filter the reports by those fields. If that’s possible then you could the schedule a report to be emailed to each department manager weekly.


We don’t have that field as it would not apply to all our users and could cause some confusion during registration. For example, If we had a department field, I would only want the MCW Department of Medicine physicians not everyone in our system that happens to work in a Department of Medicine.

Is there an opportunity to have a “back end” the the user profile like there is a back end to the courses?


Yes, it is possible to add fields that are only available for viewing/editing by admins.


I’d like to follow up with you on how we could do this.


I know I am late to the game but I wanted to add my vote in on having a user admin role! I actually came to the community to see if this had been already suggested. This is something we wanted back when we implemented Ethos but with all the other complications we dealt with, we put this one to the side. We are ready now to revisit a solution to our practice managers wanting to “assign” courses to their physicians or check their physicians progress in a course, or print transcripts for their physicians, etc. Would love to see this implemented!


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