Mark faculty and other support staff so that they do not count towards max limits in a live activity

We want to include faculty in the enrollment list but we don’t want them to count when we are determining how many seats are left for a conference. We need info like food choices, etc. so we want them to register, but we don’t want them to take up an actual attendance spot. Would be nice to have a checkbox next to enrolled users “do not include in count” or something like that.

We would like this too!

We consistently have to just keep count on a spreadsheet or make mental note. Being able to manipulate that would be great.

For sure this would be a great feature. Mayo also struggles with a good way to identify who are faculty and those that are not.


Love having the enroll feature and then having them show up on the list as faculty. Any way we can still capture the enrollment questions (most importantly, food choices) even though we are backend enrolling them? Coordinators need that list for accurate food counts. Creating a separate webform for faculty as a solution would cause my coordinators to throw daggers from their eyes because they want the information all in one place.

This is not currently possible, but we’ll add it to our product backlog for consideration.

Hi all,

We were reviewing this request in our product planning meeting this week and wondered why you wouldn’t just increase the enrollment limit to account for the number of faculty. Do you typically not know the number of faculty that needed to be enrolled?

What do you mean by “Love having the enroll feature and then having them show up on the list as faculty.” Is there currently a way to distinguish Faculty in enrollments? I’m currently struggling with having Faculty/Staff/Exhibitors in my enrollment list and then not actually knowing how many actual attendees I have because there is no way to differentiate these groups.

Hi Helen,

If you enroll faculty from the faculty management tab, or, if they enroll themselves and have been added as faculty, they will show up as “faculty” under the enrollment “type.”

Perfect - this is a big help for us. Would also be interested in other types such as Staff and Exhibitors to allow for a way to exclude them from counts.

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