Recommendations for Enduring Content structure for PARS reporting compatability

Would anyone be willing to share how they have set up their Enduring courses?

Since our platform became functional in Q3 of 2020, we rushed to set up a system for our enduring content without considering reporting as we’d be merging our pre Ethos data manually either way. However, our current structure also prevents us from reporting accurate data for our Enduring activities and we hope to restructure for 2023.

Currently, we have a parenting course set up with child courses added weekly. Payment is required within each child course, and enrollments are set at the child-course level. We know that without requiring users to enroll in the parent course FIRST, the parent course cannot be used to report to PARS as the data from the child courses isn’t passed along. We are also still reporting the activity yearly, but are considering moving to the new extended reporting set-up.

If you have the Parent set up as a Relationship format (Edit course - then choose Course Settings then Course Settings again), we have the Parent credit = Normal, Enrollment Settings = User may enroll in direct children and then Child Enrollment Options = User selects child activities after enrolling in parent (we call this 1-2-3, though the last one is a two). We use the children to report to PARS individually, only using the Parent to show all the enrollments. Make sense?

Susan Benysh,

Hi Susan, thanks for the answer.

This is similar to how our course is currently set up, except for us we report the parent as the activity in PARS. All the child courses are part of a series, the registrants don’t have to complete all of them to get credit though. A set up like yours would be possible but not manageable on our end as we have dozens of individual child courses, and it would not be feasible to report them individually.

I think for this it would be really nice to be able to report a parent course to PARS even when set up so users can enroll in direct children. We have some larger conferences set up as a parent course, with the enrollment options setup as child courses (for example, a child course for non CME registrants, and another one for CME registrants). To report this activity we’ll have to set up each child to report to PARS, and then merge the data from the two children before finalizing the PARS report.

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