Thumbnail images on course pages

Does anyone know a way to do thumbnail images on a course page so that we can have a large chart. Something like this.

If not would this help anyone else with their course pages?


I don’t know if this is exactly what you are looking for but we put small thumbnail images on all of our course webpages of our marketing pieces. What we do is we insert an image and resize it to the desired size and alignment (the one in the below link is 300 x 194). Once we insert the image, we upload the file that we want as a PDF and take that URL and link it to the image. Therefore, when someone clicks on the image, they can see the full marketing piece.

Here is an example, if you click on the image on the overview tab, it will show you the whole mailer.

I hope this helps.

Ariel Levine
Thomas Jefferson University

That’s a good idea. Thanks for the thought.

After uploading, if you select “Teaser” for the “Display as” option, it will insert a thumbnail and link to the larger images. Not quite as slick as a lightbox, but it doesn’t require a second upload.

Also, there are a number of pure CSS lightbox options. I have tested any, but they may be worth a look.

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