Upsell Product with Multiple Children

Start with … We aren’t looking to solve our problem as a “related course” since I don’t think they cart and registration for that is very intuitive.

We have a product that is a subscription like a magazine.

We are trying to create a setup in Ethos that will allow the users to opt in to the Printed version and have the Online only be the standard product in EthosCE. In theory everyone enrolls in the Online and they are offered an up-sell of the Print edition. A single subscription gets you 40 child activities.

Our first thought would to make the print a child of the online however, each Activity gets created as a child and we want those enrollments to happen automatically. Our current setup is that if they enroll in the parent they are auto enrolled in the children.

In theory what we need is a second product option for the “version”. Currently we are cloning the activities across two parent products and this is cumbersome.

Anyone have any idea how to create a logical “up-sell”

Hi Pat,

Could you do this as a pricing attribute?


Could you make the print option be a child with all the activities listed as course objects? We do this for a course with a lot of topics, and it is working well. It’s also easy to clone. Users can stay in one spot and complete the activities one by one. (But no partial credit.)

I’m curious where you are placing the CE credit. Can a person either complete the online course or the print course and get credit via the parent?

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