Webform PDF Analysis - "Other" Data Missing


Our evaluation has a couple of questions that offer “Other” as a choice (the built-in “Allow Other” option in select type questions). I find that “Other” is a standard option offered across a multitude of platforms.

I’ve found however, that when extracting our evaluation responses, the “Other” responses are not captured in the report. There is a link that leads you to the responses, however you have to be an Ethos admin to see these responses.

We provide these evaluations to leadership, course coordinators, and use it to determine improvements for courses among other things. None of which, are CME Admins.

DLC’s solution was to re-work my questions so that the “Other” option wasn’t needed. However, it’s impossible to capture every possible response a user might have. Especially without adding length to a question. It’s pretty standard to see “Other” on surveys, questionnaires, and other forms so I don’t see why this couldn’t be fixed.

Would anyone else benefit from this being addressed?
If anyone has ways they deal with this as well, that would be great to hear about!


I set up our Other responses to display an additional question using a conditional. Is this the type of response you are talking about that requires an admin role? I hope not.

New to 7.5 and still learning a LOT.



It’s the built in “Other” option on Select Type questions.


Any responses to this can’t be viewed unless you are an EthosCE admin.