Can course attendees choose a "path" of course objects?

For our live Grand Rounds, we would like to give our attendees the option to participate through zoom or watch live through a YouTube stream embedded on a course page element.

We’re in the process of requesting the zoom integration, and I was wondering if it’s possible to have both the YouTube Stream Page and Zoom integration object as course elements and give the learner the option to proceed to either page after completing the previous course object. The outline would be as follows:

  1. Pre-Survey
  2. YouTube Stream OR Zoom
  3. Post Survey

I was thinking this could be done with conditional access but I’m having a hard time figuring out how. I’m not sure if anyone has done something similar that may be able to guide me.

Yes, it’s possible. I don’t think you would need to use conditional access, just set the Pre-Survey to be required and the Zoom and YouTube course objects to be optional.

Simplest option
You could links to each option into a course page or put them into the Pre-Survey webform confirmation message.

Auto-redirect option
Redirect the user based on the response to a question in the Pre-Survey.

To do that you would just add a question to your Pre-survey (“How do you prefer to view the lecture?”) and then use webform tokens to redirect the user to the next course object.

Instructions for auto-redirect option
First create the two video course objects. One for Zoom and one for YouTube.

Once those are created, then edit the course and go to course settings > reminders.

Click on “Course object links” and copy the values for both video objects into a text document for later.


Then, create the Pre-survey webform.

Add the video question as a select component question. For example, “Do you want to watch on YouTube or Zoom?”

Set form key for this question to something short like video_type

Add the following options following options:


Replace the id-for-youtube-course-object with the id at the end of the YouTube course object you copied from the course object links earlier.

Replace the id-for-zoom-course-object with the id at the end of the Zoom course object you copied from the course object links earlier.

For example if they were

[site:url]node/YourCourseNI/course-object/1234 for YouTube


[site:url]node/[node:nid]/course-object/5678 for Zoom

then set the options as


Then under webform form setting set the “Redirection location” to


Replace YourCourseNID with your course node id. In the screenshot below it is 714

Now, when the user submits the webform, they will be be redirected to the appropriate course object.

Hope this helps!

Here is the documentation for the webform tokens.

Edit: Update to state that redirect link must contain course node ID.

Is there a way to obtain the course object links for a session within a series?

Yes, this feature was just released this week. If you check on your sessions it should be there now!

Ok cool! That’s good to know. I assume these links will have to be manually updated whenever the session repeats itself though right?

Yes, because the links go to the course object specific to each course.

Hi Ezra,

Just out of curiosity -

We have both a journal based and reviewer based CME program. Could I use the above logic for these?

For example for Reviewer CME, I would have a webform that would ask, “For which month are claiming CME?” And if they select January, is it possible to take them to a course that contains the evaluation, claim credit, and print/download certificate? Or can it only be to specific objects?

Or for Journal CME, I would ask the same thing, but then it would take them to a page where they could download the article, then take a quiz on said article, then claim credit, then print/download certificate.

Is this possible using the above logic you posted? Thanks!

Actually nevermind. I just figured out the process.

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