Course outline advice - Link to File VS Course Page

We are trying to eliminate clicks to start SCORM packages. There are several modules that are all required.

When we are logged in as admins and we launch link to file objects and right click on view instance the file opens up immediately.

When we are going through the course as a user, there are additional clicks added to the process.

  1. User enrolls
  2. Click on module name
  3. Click on “register” button
  4. Click on start course

I need to cut this down to as few clicks as humanly possible.


We have also experienced this. As it stands right now, there isn’t a way to eliminate all the clicks, but I’ve asked about a way to at least hide that first page where the course instructions are to get rid of one of the clicks. I believe this is in discussion on DLC’s end. I’m hoping they can figure out a way to do this soon.

Do you set up your multi-module SCORM package courses as course pages or link to file objects?


I’m sorry, I didn’t notice that you said you had multi-module packages. Our courses all just have one SCORM file each, with one or two exceptions, and are set up in the outlines as SCORM files, not course pages or links to files. The exceptions have assessments between them, so they aren’t back-to-back in the outline.

So you don’t use the SCORM course object?

Can you post screenshots so we can better understand?

It’s possible to put the content outside of a course, but, if you want to track enrollments, completions, award credit, etc., the content will need to live in a course. Once it’s in a course, the learner will have to enroll and view the instructions page. So I don’t think it’s possible to get to to the content in than 3 clicks if it’s in a course.

  1. Enroll (Click “Take course”)
  2. View instructions and click module name
  3. View content, or,
  4. If the user has a popup blocker they will need to click to launch.

Depending on your content, you may be able to embed it in a way that doesn’t require a popup window, for example, by using an iframe or embed code.

If the user is already enrolled, you can use a deeplink to send them directly to the course object.

Making instructions page configurable is not something high on our product backlog at this time. It will introduce tricky issues in some cases - where to send users when no course object is available yet, where to send users when the system can’t precisely tell where the learner “should” go, for example in a non-linear course or with skippable course objects, etc. If there is a chorus of voices asking for it, we might review it again, but as of now it’s unlikely to be addressed in a future release.

We do I was hoping one of these other formats would cut out the extra clicks.
Nothing automatically opens up the SCORMs.

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Right. We were hoping to have the file auto-open when the end user arrives on the SCORM file, as well, but that doesn’t happen.

Ezra, I’d be interested in talking about embedding without the popup. Is there a tutorial on the support pages about this?

This won’t work for SCORM, but you can embed using the iFrame button on the text editor.


To do this, you will first have to have uploaded the content as public (or use/host content elsewhere on the web). Then take the URL of the content, put it in the URL field and update the setting as appropriate.

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