Create a webform which includes the ability to collect payment

I’m requesting the ability to create a webform which will allow us to process payments at the same same. The webform will not be tied to a course.

This is needed because we have users request my office to send a course completion letter + their certificate to various organizations. Currently, they call my office and we manually process their order. It would be helpful if the user can submit their information + payment online and we then receive notification via email of their request.

Hi Vanessa -

We essentially do this exact thing for exhibitors.

  1. Exhibitor completes webform - results auto emailed to us
  2. Webform submission redirects exhibitor to payment page (product)
  3. Exhibitor pays for spot at conference

If you want to see how this works, check out Exhibitor Application: 2019 Cardiovascular Medicine and Prevention Update for Primary Care | UW–Madison ICEP - feel free to complete the webform so you can see the redirect to the payment page. Just put “testing” so we know it’s not a real exhibitor.

Let me know if you have questions!

This is very helpful. How to you receive notification that the exhibitor paid for the conference spot?

My issue is this: I have a few products that our on our website that users can purchase. But if someone buys one there is no method to have the results auto emailed to me- which means I have to run daily reports so that no sales are missed.

Any suggestions you can offer I would appreciate.


You should be able to automatically generate this notification using EthosCE Analytics.

  1. Go to the wrench > EthosCE Analytics.
  2. Click on “Product sales (beta)” You may prefer the “Order report (beta)” depending on what data you are looking for.
  3. Set the “Order date” filter to the “last 1 day”
  4. Set the product title or SKU filter to the products you want notification of or leave it blank to receive all.
  5. Click “Run”
  6. Select the gear icon at the top right and click “Schedule”
  7. Enter your email address in the email field and click “Add”
  8. Configure any other settings such as data format, frequency, etc.

Hope this helps and let us know if you run into any difficulty.

Yes- thank you Ezra that it what I ended up doing. But it is a bit cumbersome receiving daily reports:

Most of the time there are no sales so it is pointless

The reports don’t include address of users who made the purchase. Which means I then have to go back in a look up the user/order anyway.

I was hoping there was a way to generate a report ONLY if there was content, similar to a notification that I could receive after a payment was complete- which
includes user information.


Yes, it is possible to schedule the report to only be emailed if there is data. Currently this only works in standalone reports, but it is in beta release from Looker for dashboards.

If you have self-service analytics you can build this report yourself and add the fields you need, otherwise we can build a custom report for you. Let us know if we can be of help!

We usually have a webform prior to their purchase. This webform has them understand all the terms and conditions, agrees to those terms, chooses a payment method (some need to send a check), and then allows us to cross-sign. This will then send them to the product page. This allows us to track them easily.

See an example of this at :

What do you do for your T&Cs?

Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, Minnesota

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