Create a webform which includes the ability to collect payment


I’m requesting the ability to create a webform which will allow us to process payments at the same same. The webform will not be tied to a course.

This is needed because we have users request my office to send a course completion letter + their certificate to various organizations. Currently, they call my office and we manually process their order. It would be helpful if the user can submit their information + payment online and we then receive notification via email of their request.


Hi Vanessa -

We essentially do this exact thing for exhibitors.

  1. Exhibitor completes webform - results auto emailed to us
  2. Webform submission redirects exhibitor to payment page (product)
  3. Exhibitor pays for spot at conference

If you want to see how this works, check out Exhibitor Application: 2019 Cardiovascular Medicine and Prevention Update for Primary Care | UW–Madison ICEP - feel free to complete the webform so you can see the redirect to the payment page. Just put “testing” so we know it’s not a real exhibitor.

Let me know if you have questions!