EthosCE 7.6 Released

For a full list of changes, please review the changelog.

SCORM Improvements

The SCORM course object has been updated to improve the user workflow and add additional options. Users will be able to click a button to launch the SCORM package, optionally see their status and have an improved workflow when moving to the next course object.

The SCORM engine has also been updated from our vendor, Rustici. Updates include support for cmi5 and a fully mobile responsive SCORM player. You can see the full list of improvements and fixes on their website.

Pricing Attributes

Pricing attributes are now available for editing in the users’ shopping carts. This means that pricing attributes can be effectively used on all course relationship configurations. Attributes marked as required will need to be provided to complete the shopping cart, even if they are on a child course. When creating or editing an attribute, the global settings include adding the attribute to the cart.

New Catalogs

We have leveraged the Solr search technology introduced in our 7.5 release and applied it to two new catalogs. These catalogs include the ability to refine the view the same way possible on the search results page. They are available in two formats: list and table. The new catalogs can be searched by any keyword included in the course landing page and even some course content.

To use these course catalogs just add them to a menu item. More information is available in our user guide.

The list format includes the course image and both come with two taxonomy fields for which you may edit the values: course format and category.

No existing catalogs on your site will be changed. These are new catalogs, not updates to existing catalogs.

Promote Related Courses

Step up your marketing efforts by promoting related courses. Each course in EthosCE now has a “Marketing” tab and administrators may specify other courses to promote. The promoted courses appear on the course landing page, the shopping cart and the course completion page.

Improved Mobile Menu

We have improved the design and performance of our menu when viewed on a mobile browser. It is easier and more intuitive to use and also includes a search field. The new menu has allowed for a cleanup of the header on mobile devices and links are bigger and easier to find and tap.

Default Certificate Templates

It’s now easier to build your own certificate templates. EthosCE 7.6 includes 8 pre-formatted certificate templates for our most common use cases. In addition, each template is easier to edit – every text area is its own field and formatting is done automatically. You have the ability to add a logo and select colors using a simple color picker.

Existing certificates and templates are not affected by this change. You can continue to create templates using a single text field available in versions before 7.6.

RSS Series Report

Series administrators now have access to a report on all enrollments in all sessions in the Series. This report mimics the standard course report and can be filtered and downloaded.

Easier Redirects for Anonymous Users

EthosCE now allows the use of the string “my” to replace a user’s ID in any link. After the user had logged in “my” will be replaced with their user ID for example “http://SITE/my/edit/profile” will become “http://1234/my/edit/profile“ after login.

Note that this may not work out of the box for some single sign-on implementations, please be sure to test your site if you have single sign-on implemented.

Bug fixes and Improvements

EthosCE 7.6 also includes 24 bug fixes and many other improvements. For the full list please review the changelog.

Notable improvements include:

  • Adding course report fields to enrollment group manage view.
  • Moving learning objectives to the overview tab.
  • Updating Series catalog to exclude expired Series.
  • Performance improvements to course report and question bank.
  • Cascading deletion of Sessions and Courses in a Series or Learning Group.
  • Adding greater than and lesser than filters to the web service.
  • Allow for a configurable amount of time after live event date and expiration for courses to be removed from the search index.

The RSS series report sounds great. Can’t wait to get that, we really need it!