Get rid of text that says "Course"

In our organization, people don’t use the term “course.” It’s confusing our physicians as they are used to signing up for meetings not “courses.” This shows up in lots of places, too, so it’s becoming an issue for us. For example, “Take course” and “Course progress.”

How can we get rid of “course?”

You can do this with string overrides. We did it for similar reasons. :unamused:

It took us a while to figure out exactly what language we wanted to use, but you can easily do it in EthosCE. Search for “string overrides” in the admin menu. Once you find it, it should be self-explanatory, but in short, you’ll need to enter the text to change on the left, then the new text on the right.

I’ve uploaded a screenshot below to show you an example.

Ooooh, that is perfect! I’ll check it out.

Thanks!!! :clap::clap::clap: :100::exclamation:

There is a page in the user guide that covers string overrides, and it includes lots of tips and examples, including the one you are asking about.