New Sales Dashboards

Today we have rolled out four new e-commerce dashboards. :grinning::moneybag::bangbang: These reports were based on various requests in support tickets, and are designed to eventually replace the reports available under Administration > Store > Reports.

Customer sales report
This is a list of all customers and their orders, including count, sum and average amount.

Order report
This is a list of all orders and a sum of revenue.

Product sales
A list of all products with a count and sum of revenue.

Coupon usage report
A list of all coupons with a count of usage and sum of revenue.

These reports are currently in “beta,” which means they may change based on your feedback. We hope you find them helpful. Please let us know what you think!

To access these reports:

  1. Click the wrench to open the admin menu
  2. Click “EthosCE admin”
  3. Click “EthosCE Analytics”
  4. Click one of the links under “Public EthosCE Analytics”

Want to build your own reports like these? Check out our webinar on self-service EthosCE Analytics.

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